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We had a writing assignment for the Band students, and here is what the kids are experiencing right here in the Brookside Band Hall!

  • "I love band because in band the percussionists are a family and friends.  We help each other, comfort each other, but most importantly we have fun among one another.  I never thought I'd have a family at school.  Family is important when times are tough, and that's why we have each other.  Thanks for a family, Mrs. Troutman." ~ 6th Grader
  • "I like band because most of my family has been in band and now I can.  I want to be just like my brothers and become an outstanding band student.  My favorite time of day is the morning because of band, my favorite class out of 8 classes.  I want to be the best French Horn player in the Wind Ensemble.  I know I still have a long way to go, so Mrs. Rogers will take me step by step." ~ 6th Grader
  • "Band is my favorite class because of of my classmates are fun, interesting people.  I also like band because during band I always get a good laugh or two.  Band also gives me a challenge because getting the right notes isn't always as easy as it seems.  Every day brings a new challenge, so I'm never bored.  I also made new friends in band, and we stick together.  We chose the same instrument, and we're going to be together for a while." ~ 6th Grader
  • "Band is my most favorite thing of all classes I take.  I'm glad I took band as an elective." ~ 6th Grader
  • "Band is cool because music calms me down, and it brings joy to me.  Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Troutman are so funny, and that is why band is awesome." ~ 6th Grader
  • "We do a lot of fun activities in band, like the Main Event and pool party.  Sometimes it's hard to play the music in band, but whenever I practice I get better at it." ~ 6th Grader
  • "Band can be hard and fun at the same time.  Mrs. Troutman & Mrs. Rogers have helped all the band students with their hidden talents and now you have helped me find mine.  Who knows, maybe I'll be a professional saxophone player playing around the world, so thank you!" ~ 6th Grader
  • "What I love about band is that you can be with other band kids.  The band is like my second family with music that ties us together.  We are all connected and we all care for each other and push each other to do better." ~ 7th Grader
  • "Band is the one place where a lot of people feel that they belong.  Plus you get to do the most fun things.  I'm not in it for the fun things, but I'm loving learning new things about my instrument.  Thank you to Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Troutman.  I would never be where I am now if it wasn't for you two amazing band directors." ~ 7th Grader
  • "I love band because it's a very friendly environment.  I also love band because I get to play my clarinet all the time, and it's a really fun skill.  I hope to get a scholarship with my clarinet.  In no other elective can you have as much fun as you can in band.  In here, I have no enemies, only friends.  The directors aren't just teachers, they're like second and third moms." ~ 7th Grader
  • "I love band because you get to make friends and do a lot of events that are fun.  I love learning an instrument.  Who does not love band, seriously, who doesn't?  Band is the only place that I can be myself whenever other classes are strict.  It's so me.  I do not know what other elective you can meet new friends, I seriously don't." ~ 7th Grader