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Congratulations!  You’ve been selected to play the BASSOON!

Students will begin playing their instruments on the second week of school.  It is wise to make arrangements now to secure all of the materials and supplies your child will need.  At the beginning of the school year, the music stores are extremely busy and the lines can be very long.  If you make plans now, your child will have all that he/she needs to begin band with the rest of the class.

What does my child need?

We will provide a school-owned bassoon for a small fee.  There are also several supplies your child needs.  Many of these supplies will last for years, but as with any new activity, there are some necessary supplies to get for your beginner musician.

Bassoon Supplies Needed from a Music Store:

Singing Dog Reeds (3)
***This brand is important.  The private lesson teacher will let you know if another brand is needed.  The lesson teacher can also make small adjustments that make a big difference.
Hodge/Fox Reed Case
Cork Grease
Fox Swab Kit
Fox Seat Strap with Hook
Cherub WMT 555C Metro-Tuner with pick up microphone cord
Music Stand
Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for Bassoon

General Supply List:

Black 1” binder with pockets
Pencil pouch
3 working pencils
Page protectors (optional)

Famous Person Who Played Bassoon:

Rainn Wilson (actor)

Amazing Bassoon Players to Explore on YouTube:

Albrecht Mayer
Eugene Izotov
Katherine Needleman

Some Interesting Oboe Websites:

International Double Reed Society:
Basic Bassoon Information:  
How a Bassoon Reed is Made:

Some Fun Bassoon Links:

Super Mario Brothers, Bassoon Style:
Weber Bassoon Concerto:
Jurassic Animal Shelter:
Disney Princess Bassoon Party: