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Congratulations!  You’ve been selected to play the EUPHONIUM!

Students will begin playing their instruments on the second week of school.  It is wise to make arrangements now to secure all of the materials and supplies your child will need.  At the beginning of the school year, the music stores are extremely busy and the lines can be very long.  If you make plans now, your child will have all that he/she needs to begin band with the rest of the class.

What does my child need?

A solid, good quality Euphonium mouthpiece and some supplies.  Many of these supplies will last for years, but as with any new activity, there are some necessary supplies to get for your beginner musician.  Your child will borrow a school-owned Euphonium that lives at home, and they’ll have one school-owned Euphonium that lives at school.

Music Store Supply List:

Bach 6 ½ AL mouthpiece
Care kit essentials – Valve Oil, Slide Grease, Mouthpiece Brush, and Polishing Cloth
Tuner with pickup microphone cord ***can substitute the app “Tonal Energy” along with a pickup microphone cord and adapter that will allow it to work with the student’s phone
Wire Folding Music Stand for home practice
Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for Euphonium

General Supply List:

Black 1” binder with pockets
Pencil pouch
3 working pencils
Page protectors (optional)

Famous Person Who Played Euphonium:

Neil Armstrong (Astronaut, first man on the moon)

Amazing Euphonium Players to Explore on YouTube:

Steven Mead
Nicholas Childs
Lyndon Baglin

Some Interesting Euphonium Links:

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