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Congratulations!  You’ve been selected to play PERCUSSION!

Students will begin playing their instruments on the second week of school.  It is wise to make arrangements now to secure all of the materials and supplies your child will need.  At the beginning of the school year, the music stores are extremely busy and the lines can be very long.  If you make plans now, your child will have all that he/she needs to begin band with the rest of the class.

What does my child need?

A practice marimba, a practice pad, and some supplies.  Many of these supplies will last for years, but as with any new activity, there are some necessary supplies to get for your beginner musician.

Music Store Supply List:

Marimba Warehouse MPM Practice Marimba (includes adjustable stand)
Promark #SPP1 Mallet Pack with Mallet Bag
Remo 8” Practice Pad & Pad Stand
Wire Folding Music Stand
Vic Firth #SD1 Drum Sticks
Mike Balter #MB4R Green Rubber Mallets
Fresh Approach to Mallets Book with CD
Fresh Approach to Snare Drum Book with CD
Cherub WMT 555C Metro-Tuner

General Supply List:

Black 1” binder with pockets
Pencil pouch
3 working pencils
Page protectors (optional)

Famous People Who Played Percussion:

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana singer)
Tommy Lee (musician)
Dana Carvey (comedian/actor)
John Stamos (actor)
Rosie O’Donnell (comedian)
Johnny Carson (TV host)

Amazing Percussion Players to Explore on YouTube:

Neil Peart (from the band Rush)
Evelyn Glennie
Louis Bellson

Some Interesting Percussion Links:

Percussive Arts Society:
Lone Star Percussion:
How a Snare Drum is made:
How a Marimba is Made:
How a Timpani Drum is Made:
How a Cymbal is Made:

Some Great Percussion Videos to Watch:

Percussion Family Instruments:
Concert Setting Snare Drum:
Harry Potter Medley on Mallet Instruments:
Bastille-Pompeii Drum Kit Cover: