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Mrs. Troutman & Mrs. Rogers are very concerned about students keeping up with their grades. Here are some suggestions to go over with your child today.

  1. Do your homework and turn it in on time.
  2. Go to Homework Haven on Tuesday & Thursday mornings in room 208 B and get help on homework, even if it’s late work, so that if you must turn something in late at least it will be correct and you can get as much credit as possible.
  3. Ask the teacher directly for help, and see when he/she could tutor you one-on-one if needed.  Before or after school?  What days?
  4. Ask the teacher the magic phrase:  “What can I do to bring my grades up?” – that puts the ball in their court and they can choose whether they want to offer you extra credit, test corrections, turning in something that’s really late, etc.
  5. Let us know what subject you need help in, and we'll get an 8th grade band student to help you before school on any day. You can work together in the band area or in the large ensemble room where it’s a bit quieter.
  6. Establish a routine where you do homework FIRST THING once you’re home from school.
  7. Don’t be shy about asking your others for help.  You have to be your own best advocate!
  8. Show your teachers that you care about your grade in their class.  If you show an interest in something they are doing for a living, it makes them want to help you be good at it too!