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Andrew Keller, Perussion -

Andrew Keller

Andrew Keller is our percussion instructor.  He is a graduate of California State University where he earned his bachelor's and master's degree in music.  He is getting his doctorate degree from Rice University, and he also taught previously at Rice.  Mr. Keller not only plays percussion instruments, but he can also make his own marimbas and xylophones by using his woodworking skills.  

Mr. Keller is an active freelance musician in the Houston area.  He teaches private percussion lessons in several schools.  He is also involved in Young Audiences of Houston, where he performs regularly for charity events, team-building events, educational professional learning workshops, and concerts.

The mission of Young Audiences of Houston (YAH) is to educate and inspire children through the arts, to make the arts an integral part of the school curriculum, and to advance the field of arts in education through professional development and community partnerships.  Check out their website at: .

Mr. Keller is married to Nicole, and they wed in 2014.  They have a one-year old son named Robert.  We are so lucky to have Mr. Keller teaching our students!

Mr. Keller performing at Texas Childrens' Hospital -


Martin Quiroga

Martin Quiroga -

Martin Quiroga is a graduate of Galena Park High School.  He began studying music at San Jacinto College and then transferred to the University of Houston and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music.  He recently earned his Master’s Degree in Music Composition from the University of Oregon.  Mr. Quiroga is the Director of the Space City New Music Festival. 

Mr. Quiroga is an active percussion instructor and freelance percussionist in the Houston area.  He has a website with samples of his compositions here: .  We are grateful to have Mr. Quiroga’s expertise on percussion at Brookside!